Monday, 13 February 2012

Love is in the Air!

It certainly is for all you romantics out there! that includes me; :0)
I can't stop singing that song either. Well here is hubby's card,
thought this little stamp, which was a freebie in the Craft Stamper
Mag for February would make a lovely bunch of balloons. I printed
the words onto card from the PC then stamped over each one and
painted them with water colours.
Well over on the Simon Says Stamp blog their challenge this week is aptly
called "Love is In the Air! and they ask you to use some Prima
products too if you have any, I could not resist these beautiful
Prima papers from their Sweet Fairy collection. I have cut out
the tag and these beautiful words from a different sheet from the
same pad, it reads, "My sweet love so precious and true, how you
flutter about in my heart making magic everlasting and sprinkling
sugar on my world" now how could I resist putting that on there,
gush gush hee hee. If you want to play along hop on over as they
are giving away a $50.00 gift voucher to spend in their fabby shop.

Here is a little close up of those balloons and also that

tag with the sentiment.
TFL, Happy Crafting, Sue xx

Saturday, 11 February 2012

and they called it Poppy Luuuuuuuuuve

hee hee, hello blogland, do you remember that song by the
gorgeous Donny Osmond? ooooh well, he was my first love
don't you know! :0) I remember watching him on TOTP
daydreaming, watching him in his white flat cap knitted hat
walking through the park, aaahhhhh, does anyone else
remember that video? think that was the first single I ever
bought too! Oops showing my age now!!
Well I thought that title was pretty apt as I was asked to do
a Valentines card for my friends young son whose girlfriend
is called?....... yes you guessed it, Poppy! so thought I would
use these beautiful flowers from the Floral Cd over at
Katy Sue Designs, and make a heart shape from them.
I have also used their beautiful Ultra fine flower soft in
Black to accent the centre of the flowers, it really does
bring these flowers to life. I made a sort of triangle shaped
card??? don't ask me how it turned out that way but the
fold went a bit wrong and well, I think it is right???

Here it is from another angle, sentiment was done on PC
and the backing papers are also from the same CD.

and here it is flat, I cut out each poppy and layered them then
used some card at the back just to strengthen the flowers that
are away from the card.
Well I will leave you young ones to google that song and
hopefully happy memories for us....well....a bit olderies!
TFL Happy Crafting, Sue xx

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Snow Piccies :0)

Hello lovely bloggers, thought I would share the pictures
that I took on Sunday after the heavy snowfall we had, it
was beautiful down at the prom...I hope you enjoy them :0)

TFL, Suexx

Wednesday, 8 February 2012


Hello lovely bloggers, happy Wednesday, here is my desk today,
bit of a mess as I have been making a new home card, a good luck
with your operation! and a Valentines card, I also have some
new goodies on there too! Hooray! One of my old favourite
border punches broke :0( ... it is the second one as they are a
tad fragile, any paper thicker than photocopy paper and it
creaks!!! oooh eek! anyway you know when you get a lovely
piece of thick paper and you think, shall I chance it? and you
do, then you regret it! well, that's exactly what happened!
The lever snapped, I tried to magic it back on by placing the
handle back where it belonged, that didn't work, I stared and
glared at it, that didn't work either! so, there was no other
option but to go searching for a replacement only to
find that ebay wanted a ridiculous price plus ridiculous
postage I thought "No Way Jose! they seem to be pretty
rare now, it's the Fiskars one to the right of the picture, can
you see it's sorry state?
So on my 3 hour journey through cyber space I came across
this little beauty by none other than MS, it is just the ticket,
so pretty and you get to keep the little hearts that punch
out too, I also found a brand new (to me anyway) craft store
that stocks goodies galore, and also wrap it up all nicely
with tissue paper with my very own label, what a delight!

I also got myself some paper stacks as well, because, well,
I, errrr.......liked the patterns!
One is Prima Melody and the other Websters pages, Spring
Market/Yacht Club & Country Estate, they even sound
wonderful don't you think :0) Happy Days, Happy WOYWW
and of course Happy Crafting, TFL, Sue xx

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Things that make me Smile :0)

I was out walking on Sunday and spotted this outside our
local Pie & Mash shop, how romantic!
I have been waking up to these for the past 2 weeks

Here is an aerial view as this is much nicer

And this digi always makes me smile :0))))))

I had to draw some Dr Martens on her, the little yellow
labels on her boots I got from the internet.
TFl, Happy Crafting, Sue xx

Wednesday, 1 February 2012


Hello lovely crafting buddies, happy Wednesday, it's a beautiful
day out there! and happy WOYWW What is WOYWW? well, hop
on over and see how many people are linked to this strange
phenomenon! Here is my desk on this Wednesday, well it was
Saturday I took this piccie as I wanted to show you my creations
from this mess! I know our leader has been getting on her soap
box of late and is literally stamping her ground with her foot!
"cause she can"! it is her rules, hopefully she won't boot me off!
please :D pretty please Julia with bells on :D xx

Plus it was a beautiful sunny day! Hooray! which means
good piccies :D

I made this little Christening card from a wallet card I used
for wedding invitations!, printed all the wordings on the PC,
added this beautiful cross and this ribbon rose, her middle
name is Rose. The little card to the left is a Good Luck in your
New Home card for my friend, just used heart punch and
little house button.
TFL, Happy Crafting, Sue xx