Thursday, 19 April 2012

Senior Moments!!!

Dear oh dear, is there any hope? not only did I link to an
earlier (111) post on WOYWW, I then commented on about
a dozen too!! The thing is, I was thinking why on earth has
someone posted one of my posts from November?? (seeing
my name already up there) has someone hacked into my
blog?? fear not, change my password, inform blogger?? check
my firewall!! are you all confused yet?? Yes? Let's move swiftly
on then, but I did think it was hilarious and look forward to
some more time wasting senior faux pas!
Now getting back to some serious card making, happenings
and utter fabulous creative moments and outings over last month.......

Look what the cat dragged in!! Fresh eggs delivered by a
rather convincingly adorable fluffy affectionate "She Devil"
that is Belle. We think, as she has a ping pong ball to
play with, she maybe mistook it for that?
Next, do remember that week, not so long ago when the Sun
came out? It did, I have piccies to prove it! Well my cousins son
came to stay, so as you do, I took him out and about. We went to
the Prom in my home town of Maldon

...visited my old home town of London :0))))))

this is where my heart is....

Views from the London Eye.... look at that sky!

Here we are, sunglasses to prove it was veeeery Sunny!

He lives in a small town in Lincoln called Brigg and has
never been to London before..... any excuse for me to
pay a visit!

These street artists are amazing :0)

Me and my Shadow, the poem on the pavement is
The Waste land by T.S. Eliot

Big Ben in the Distance

Nelsons Column

Looking out from the National Gallery and below
these mosaics are on the entrance floor in the National

There is a reason why I took these and will explain another
project I am working on in another post.

The Plinth

St James Park

and finally the sunsetting over Kenya?????

No Braintree, Essex!!! :0) I have run out of time again, I have French
Students at the moment and have to collect them, so will try and
fit in some more blogging tomorrow and hopefully we will get
to the cards!!! Happy Crafting, TFL, Sue xx

Wednesday, 18 April 2012


Hello Lovely Bloggers, I can't believe how long ago my last post
was!!!! I must have been having lots of fun along the way as time
has just flown by! Well it's Wednesday so that means WOYWW
if you don't know what that means you must have been living
under a blogrock!!!! It's Worldwide don't you know! click on the
link if you want to play along!
So, I am prompted to post today because this beautiful card
is sitting on my desk, which arrived in the post today, oh and what
a delight when I opened it!! It made my day :0) x so I just had to post
and show you all :0))) If you would like to know who made
this beautiful work of art (Thank you so much Coops :) head on
over to her bloggeroonie and check out her wonderful cards.
Meanwhile back at the ranch, I have some wonderful design
cards ready for posting and also some piccies of the German
students I had staying recently making Union Jack cards at a
card class I held!! Back tomorrow for your next installment!
Happy Crafting, and Happy WOYWW, Sue xx