Friday, 30 April 2010

What to do with your drooping roses!!!

Ooh er Missus!! Well I just get so frustrated when this happens
to my new bunch of Roses, I know they are only supermarket
£3.99 jobs but as they are food for my soul I try have to have my
two vases filled nearly every week! So when this occurs after
just a day or so rather than take them back, out come the scissors
and just like Morticia Addams I chop their little heads off!


These I think I left to dry out a bit in the vase first; Don't they
look fab already! So once they are completely dried out,
(I place them on top of my radiator cover shelf, on a paper napkin
or kitchen roll), make sure none are rotting, you will be able
to tell by the colour and if they don't appear to be drying very fast!

Then place them in a pretty dish, this one is from good old
Woolworth's a few years back, I miss Woolies!!!

and this little one is from Ikea about a couple of quid! So,
they can adorn any room and give off a natural perfume
and when that runs out I have been using this......

oh it's gorgeous, really really Rosy smelling mmmmm.

Now for a card! hee hee, here is just a simple one I made
yesterday for my friend birthday on Monday

I have made a similar one here if you want the instructionies!!
Have a fab weekend, Happy Crafting, Sue xx

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Classic Cottage Chintz

Hello everyone, hope you have had a productive day today, here
are the lovely Chintzy fabrics I bought on Tuesday aren't they fab!
This is a picture of my old Peg bag! I bought this in Hawaii in 1993
and I do think it has seen better days don't you? although I really
can't bear to throw things away like this, as every time I hang my
washing on the line it brings back such wonderful memories...........
but it has to here is the new one I made today
With my new chinzy fabric.....
a lace doily that I stitched with ribbon to try to read Pegs!!
don't know if it looks like it though? and then threaded
the ribbon through the outline holes and tied a bow...

I then stitched it on by hand using a green silk thread that
is used for embroidery, as I wanted it quite thick I used all
six strands....

then finished off with some wide green ribbon for the pulls
either side, well I'm quite pleased with it. That sewing
machine is getting a little airing! hee hee
Here is WOYGTT...What's on your Garden Table Thursday!!Lol
I went outside to eat my sandwich at lunch time and where was

chilling with Zesty the budgie!! ha ha!,,Ooh what a life!!
Here's a close up of that snooze monster!!
Hope you have a lovely evening, TFL, Sue xx

Wednesday, 28 April 2010


Hello everyone, happy Wednesday to you all, I thought I would
share with you today what has been on my work desk through-
out the day (well some of it)! firstly I made these...............
.....little "Thank You" baby cards, 20 of them, I didn't make
them all today, but finished them off and they are now winging
their way to their new owner.

All boxed and ready for their journey to South Glam!
I also took a picture of my purchases yesterday, firstly
this little beauty caught my eye...

Oooh this is going to be fab for Summer and a steal at £3.00!!

I also splashed out and bought my first...............ever...........
is this the road to financial ruin???
Well I only bought one but at £6.83 each!!!
So there you have it..I also purchased some fabby fabric
all chintzy and gorgeous but my hubby has arrived home
and wants his dinner!!! so off to the kitchen I must go.
TFL, Happy Crafting, Sue xx

Friday, 23 April 2010

Oooh Look Who's Made her little Nest.....

outside our little Nest!!!
Whilst we putting our flag up today, look what we spotted in
amongst the budding Wisteria tree........oh I was so excited I
rushed outside in my dressing gown and started to take these

Can you believe the plastic twine and bag in there?
Click picture for a closer view.

Can't wait for those little birdies to hatch, hopefully before the
Wisteria is in full bloom and covers it all up!
TFL, Sue xx

A Very Happy St. George's Day

Here is a plain and simple card to celebrate St. George's Day,
this beautiful Rose stamp is an oldie but a very much loved
and used one, it's from Rubber Stampede and I have inked
it with Timber Brown Staz On and stamped directly onto
this gorgeous red card stock from The Paper Mill Shop (saves
on colouring), cut out and mounted on 3d foam pads.

This poem is called -The True Dragon by Brian Patten

St George was out walking
He met a dragon on a hill,
It was wise and wonderful
Too glorious to kill

It slept amongst the wild thyme
Where the oxlips and violets grow
Its skin was a luminous fire
That made the English landscape glow

Its tears were England’s crystal rivers
Its breath the mist on England’s moors
Its larder was England’s orchards,
Its house was without doors

St George was in awe of it
It was a thing apart
He hid the sleeping dragon
Inside every English heart

So on this day let’s celebrate
England’s valleys full of light,
The green fire of the landscape
Lakes shivering with delight

Let’s celebrate St George’s Day,
The dragon in repose;
The brilliant lark ascending,
The yew, the oak, the rose

Have a fabulous Friday,TFL, Happy crafting Sue xx

Thursday, 22 April 2010

More Fun with Fabric!

Just made this fun card with some little pieces of fabric and some
paper off cuts, don't you think its amazing what you can do with
these little bits and pieces, that's why I hate throwing anything
away, there is always a use for it!!! The craft paper for the
the boat I have used part of a stamp from PSX Santa Rose

Journey and stamped first class, the little birdie at the top has
been made from my Cosmo Cricket papers and also the sea
waves, available here, sentiment hand written courtesy of
David Gray! he he, Sorry about the bad picture quality the
sun has gone to bed!! TFL, Happy Crafting, Sue xx

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Happy Birthday Queenie!

Well can you believe our lovely Queen is 84 years young today?
So in honour of our Queen and Country I have made an English
Lavender Pillow with a Union Jack on the front, very Chintzy it
is too!
I thought I would have a play with a difference today, as you
can see by the mess, it's fabric time, I intended to cover this

box, same as the Magnolia covered one (see last post)
in fabric with a Union Jack on the top, well that's
how it started!!! Then I liked it so much I thought I
would use it instead to make a little lavender pillow,
all stuffed with my vintage (2005) home grown, organic

Lavender, I cut and dry it every year from my garden
and store it in these old Sweetie Jars!! mmmmm wish you
could smell how lovely it is. All this fabric is either Laura Ashley
or old remnant's from curtains or pillows I've made, plus a
pair of old stretchy jeans cut up too!!!
Here's a little close up of these gorgeous fabrics and braid.
This is the back with silver heart used as a weighted button.
TFL, Happy Crafting, Sue xx

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Just Magnolia Challenge Blog is One Year Old!!!

Wow can you believe that? I always knew there would be some
beautiful creations, I never knew that there would be so many
though! with so much inspiration too! So I had to have
a go at this one, they also have a blog hop going on over there
this week so pop on over and play along. I have had this beautiful
Princess Tilda for a while and have been itching to give
her the old sprinkling with fairy dust!!! and you just can't have
too much of that now can you. This little stamp is my fav at
the moment!!! famous last words!! I decided to cover
this little box I had and use Mina's fab sketch on the lid.
The papers are from PM and this is my third pack!!!
they are called Rose Garden and are just beautiful!I have coloured
my Tilda with water colour paints and added stickles Star Dust
all over to make her sparkle.

I punched small holes around the oval and threaded ribbon,
then placed small diamante stones in between the gaps and also
on the bow at the bottom. Flowers are from stash, leaves have
been punched and the memories tag is also from the PM pack.
Lace and trim also from stash. Heart pearls from Artwork. The
lace border around the edges has been done with Martha Stewart
Doily punch.
Think that's everything, I hope you all enjoyed your Easter
Break and had lots of lovely choccie!!!
TFL, Happy Crafting, Sue xx