Wednesday, 31 August 2011


Hello blogland, hope everyone is happily crafting away, I still
get excited even after eleven years of card making when I am
full of ideas and they come together, are you?
Obviously when they don't it's really frustrating and also when
you are all out of ideas too!!! Do you feel that way too?
Here's what I have been working on today, WOWWW.......

This little 60th card for a friend. These pretty papers are
from Prima, Sweet Fairy collection. Flowers from stash and
sentiment from pc, really simple but very pretty;
(no kitten in sight, she is in the dog house so to speak!) the
little minx knocked a whole cup of tea out of my hands as she
leapt at me which ended up over the bed so as not to scald
anyone, which led to me changing the bedding, quilt,
pillowcases, pillow protectors, mattress protector, cleaning
the mattress and carpet, in fact everything!!!
She ain't looking so cute today!

Anyway just to the left of my 60th card you will see these
pretty little ballet shoes, well I am in the process of making
a card for a beautiful German student who had been staying
with me a few weeks ago, she was only 12 and is attending
the famous John Cranko ballet school in Stuttgart, it
was amazing just watching her practise, I felt very honoured
and totally in awe of such poise and posture. She had four
years of just building her muscles and feet strength before
being accepted here. I intend to decoupage these pretty
little shoes and then add some ribbon, I will post the
card when I have finished.
Also not on my desk but in the bathroom! I have been busy
cleaning some errrr well quite a few of my stamps, naughty

naughty, can you see how long they have been building up
for? Well as I was cleaning them I saw the Easter ones!!!
Oh dear, that is really really bad, I do give them a little wipe
with the baby wipes, but some were really gunked up with
embossing inks! eeeeek, then I noticed a Valentine one!!!
Bad really bad! not only for my desk space but also my
poor stamps! They are all washed and cleaned now and
from this day forward I will try and clean them as I go along!

This is another 21st card I had to do too, for a friend's
Grandson, he is a Community Support Officer, do you
like his Hi Vis 21, I also tried to match the colours
of his uniform. The 21 key template was from tinternet,

It glowed in the dark too which looked really cool!

and finally......Yesterday's desk, Tuesday is my art afternoon
and this is what I painted in water colour....

I can't take credit for the originality of the picture as I
copied it from an art magazine, but it's my take on it!
Click on piccies for a close up!
Thanks for looking, happy crafting to you, Sue xx

Friday, 26 August 2011

Glamour Puss!

Hello lovely bloggers, well little Baby Belle went to the vets
today for a check-up and her he was sifting
through her fur, what did he find?............No Fleas just
GLITTER!!! ha ha, it was so funny, he said, "She has some
kind of glitter or sparkle on her fur", I said "Oh that's where
I've been making cards on my desk, she lept up and had
been laying on it"!
Well move over Glitter Girls, we have a new Glamour
Puss on the horizon!
Here is the card I was making when the little minx
decided to leap onto my desk, had to be just as I was
putting glitter on the 21!

Quite like the mixture of Black, Gold, Silver and

Have a lovely Bank Holiday weekend, Happy Crafting,
Sue xx

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

WOYWW and New Kit on the Blog!

Hello lovely bloggers, hope you are all fine and dandy today,
I thought I would show you whats on my work desk today,
WOYWW , as you can see it's a complete mess but in between
all the creative chaos (who am I trying to kid)? there is a special
little furry friend I would like you to meet, she is a new addition
to our family and her name is Belle, well I have an array
of names for her at the moment, Baby Belle as in the cheese, so I
am going around the house singing ba ba ba, ba baby Belle! yes
I know I am mad!! Belles Belle, Belly? mischief moo!, minx,
terror, to name but a few. Well she seems to enjoy the creative
chaos that is my desk, room, home and is loving all the buttons,
ribbons, paper and string she can play with too :0 ) She
seems to be settling in quite nicely although Milton, the big
white fluffy Boss Cat is Not Amused!

Here she is looking at the DoCrafts Website, we were looking
for some inspiration for this pop-up card I made

and I am really pleased with the way it turned out.
I also made this, the digi download is really popular with the
women folk out there, can't think why? The image is from
Bugaboo Stamps they have some fab digi images go
take a peek!

Can you see the blurred sentiment, well it was a happy
mistake as the "Glitter Girls" say, it must have got stuck
in the printer and came out a bit blurred but I thought it
was quite appropriate after one too many! so decided to
leave it like that!

I also made this one today too (I was on a roll)!

The backing paper and frame were all hand made by my
own fair hands and also the fishing rod and sign, the fish
I copied from tinternet and cut out and added some
sparkle, the net I made with a little bit of tulle and
timber brown staz-on to age it.

So after all that crafting there is only one thing left to do ...

....... take a cat nap zzzzzzzzzz
Oh and if there is limited space on the desk.....

...spread out a little!
Happy Crafting, TFL, Sue xx

Monday, 15 August 2011

Card from one of my Watercolour Paintings...

Hello beautiful crafters, a very happy Monday to you
all. How are you all? busy I expect judging by the Christmas
cards some of you have already made!!! Wow where
is the year going??? I hope you are all happy crafting
and inspiring others with your wonderful creations;
Today I thought I would show you a card I have made from
one of my watercolour paintings. It is of our wonderful cat
Milton, he is such a loving cat and a very handsome one at
that, don't you think? He is the Lord of our Manor :0) xx
This picture is from an old post which you can find here:-

This is my drawing which I then painted with watercolours,
because of his white colouring I thought I would paint him
in a beautiful mix of lavender and pink colours.
As I was quite pleased with the finished painting I decided
to reproduce his face onto one of my bockingford paper cards.
and this is the finished product, what do you think?
It does replicate my watercolour picture so well due to the
texture of the card.

Here is the back of my card.
Something for you to think about as an alternative card.
Thanks for looking, and happy crafting, Sue xx