Thursday, 25 September 2008

Interaction reaction!!!!

Well here goes! my first post, it's really nerve-racking wondering what people think of your work, don't you think? hopefully, it will all be honest; and I do think it is the best policy when you need feedback just as long as it's constructive, pleeeease don't be too harsh though!
Well, as I stated in my profile, I have been making cards since 2001 and I cannot believe how the crafting industry has taken off! I remember when there were only three magazines out there for cards and crafting!!!! oh my goodness, how times have changed, we are certainly spoilt for choice. My favourite magazine is still Crafts Beautiful, as they do tend to cover a whole spectrum of different crafts.
My favourite images at the moment for cards has to be the beautiful "Sarah Kay" ones. What a
very talented lady! So here is a card I made for my Sister-In-Law from her two year old daughter....

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