Thursday, 16 October 2008

The Anniversary Waltz!

Well I have been a busy bee!!!! As myself and my beloved are
celebrating our 15th Wedding Anniversary today I thought
I would make him a special card. Firstly though, I must tell
you that 15 years represents Crystal, so I got my thinking
cap on and thought I'd make him a clear card
(made from acetate) as in Crystal Clear, (are you with me?)!!
well I set off to Hobbycraft, and £97.00 later!!!! Oh My
Goodness that was really expensive acetate....I dare not
tell my husband how much his card cost!!!!!!!!tee hee
anyway I am really pleased with the result, I also added
some Swarovski Crystals to the hearts in the corners just
to fit in with the theme. The Poem is called The Thousandth
Man and is by Rudyard Kipling and I think it sums up my
husbands devotion and loyalty to me ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
I hope you like it!!!...Just to let you know I also made a
New Baby Card, a 21st Birthday and another Halloweenie,
but I need a nice cuppa right now, so will post those later!!!!!

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