Tuesday, 21 October 2008

I Must stick to my plans! I Must stick to my plans!

Evening All - This one was for a neighbour

This was for the girlfriend of one of Hubby's work colleagues.
You can see the picture was taken at night, it's not that good.

Well, after saying I wanted to finish three - yes, just three
cards on Fri, how many did I manage? One! yes just One!
then Saturday, the birds were singing and the sun was
Shining..............so that meant a walk down to the prom
and an ice cream!mmmmmmmmmm, the the same thing
happened on Sunday, you have to make the most of this
lovely weather, Winter will soon be upon us!!! So lunch with
friends, a trip to the seaside and oh yes, another ice cream!!
Finished the Second card at 11.30 pm Sunday night as hubby
had to take it into work for a colleague!!! Yesterday up at
7.30 am (that hasn't happened for a while) to help friends
move boxes, and other household items onto a lorry,
as they are moving to Scotland brrrrrrrrr no house yet
as it is not built!!! and they are building it!!!!!!check out
have any tips for them or you would like any information
I'm sure they will be delighted to hear from anyone.
So I am trying to finish the third one today Tues, but... been
blog hopping all day, (my neck hurts)!!!!! Hope you like the
cards and hopefully if I get the Third one done, I will it post
it tomorrow, I will post it tomorrow, I will post it tomorrow!!!!

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