Sunday, 5 October 2008

Scrumdy Apple Crumbly

No cards today but there are a few more Halloweenies in the
Instead you can have my recipe for Apple, Rhubarb and
Ginger Crumble!! Mmmmmmmmmm if you have a very
sweet tooth, this one is for you!!
Large Pyrex Dish - Cover bottom with 2 large Cooking Apples
(peeled and cored) cut into large thick slices - wash, top and
tail 3 large sticks of Rhubarb - cut into 1 inch chunks, mix with
apple-sprinkle over 2oz or more!!! brown sugar, 2 tsp ground
ginger and 1oz crystallised ginger chopped.
Topping - 4oz plain wholemeal flour - 2oz brown sugar - 3oz
butter - 1 tbsp honey - Mix flour and sugar and add butter -
rub in mixture until it resembles breadcrumbs - stir in the
honey. Cover fruit mixture completely - Bake for 45 mins
180c or Gas Mark 4 - ENJOY!

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