Wednesday, 5 November 2008

The Cogs are in Motion!!!

Well I'm really getting into the spirit of Christmas, even composed
my own little poem and doodles!!!! I have mounted it onto a piece
of card which I have covered both sides with K & Co papers, I really
wanted to give it a vintage feel; as if I had just been up into the loft
and found this old poem. I added embellishments, lace and some
holly and poinsettias to give it character.
I think you should all have a go at composing a Christmas poem with
doodles, made up from the word CHRISTMAS!!
I had so much fun trying to get things to rhyme and swapping them
around, it was hubby who came up trumps on the last line as I had
"Stars that light up the sky" and was ages trying to get
something to rhyme with sky!!! then hubby has a look and says why
has it got to be sky? why don't you have that twinkle at night!!!
and would you know it Christmas is here Oh what a delight just
came through.. Happy Poem writing I would love to know some
of your versions TFLxx
P.S. If you click onto the pictures you get a better close up. xx

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