Thursday, 15 January 2009

2009 Calendar!!!

Hello to all you crafty bloggers out there!!! Well, I've been
busy trying to put together a home made calendar with our
piccies from New York!! I started off in colour, then decided
some looked good in black and white; so I printed a few off in
black and white??? then thought mmm... shall I use both???
but in the end decided to keep it all the same, so had to reprint
all the colour ones!!! what with trying to decide which piccies
to use and which months to place them on!!!phew!! you can
imagine, it's taken me most of the day, it has been fun though.
Well I have finally finished and here is the result!!
I might try and take a new picture each month (something
appropriate or relating to occasions in the months) and see
if I have enough to make up one for next year!!! TFL xx

(January is already in place then reading down from the right
then down from the left is how they will be placed, i.e. the Tiffany
sign will be in June, which just happens to be my birthday month

I have torn off the front cover cut out the year and made up
the word New York with the letters then stuck them onto the
bottom of the back page.

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