Wednesday, 7 January 2009

New Years Resolutions!!!

Well you are not going to believe this one...........wait for it...........
OK....I will not buy any magazines this year!!!!!!! ha ha ha ha ha
No I will not!!!! I will not buy a magazine this year!!!! No...I...
Well I will just have to stay away from any shops that sell them,
Oh No, Tescos, M&S, my local Craft Shop, Smiths and Oh what if
there is a freebie??? a rubber stamp???? what will I do then,
surely that justifies it?????? no, no, no, no, no!!!!
The reason I must do this is, that my house is insulated on all
walls with magazines!! I have every magazine you can think of
from Home, Cooking, Knitting, Crafting, Fashion, Art, Music,
you name it, there is a magazine in my house for it (well apart
from fly fishing)!!! and.. I can't bear to part with any of them!!!
I know I need them all and that there is something in each one
of them that I will surely need if ever I threw it away!!
Good Point..they are keeping the heat in at the moment!!!!
We wait in anticipation...any remedies greatly accepted!!
The other one is to stick by the quote on the opposite side
which says "eat less, chew more", "talk less, say more" etc;
Why do I do all the wrong ones????? I will have to print that
one out and carry it with me!!!! Hope you all had a fabulous 2008
and that 2009 will be bring good things your way!!
TFL xx

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