Thursday, 12 February 2009

Lovers Thrift!!!

Well Valentine's Day is just around the corner and not only due to
the current economic climate but because it's a money making
rip off day!!! me and hubby agreed a few years back that we would
only spend £5.00 on each other!!! Whoo have we had some fun tacky
gifts!!!... so did I have fun yesterday?? Yes I did! just look at my goodies......

My first port of call was Debenhams (not for a valentines gift) but for my wellbeing!...I knew I wouldn't get anything for a fiver in there!!!How wrong was I?? just take a look at these fab!.... Organic!.. 100% Cotton Socks!.. Wahooo, Come on Down!!

I know the ticket says £10.00 but wait for it....I thought right, he needs socks, so if I get these I can say "You owe me a fiver" ha ha, but when I got to the check out the lady said, "Oh these have gone down to £3.00"..... £3.00!!!, Well you could have knocked me down with a feather!!Then she said, would I like to get another pair?? So I'm thinking, mmm two lots? £6.00? that takes me £1.00 over budget, as it's not the most romantic gift? No, I'll get him a few Cadbury's Cream Eggs with the change (his favourite)!! By the way, last year, good old Woolies were doing 3 for £1.00, so he got 15 of them! "best gift ever" he said!! (Is he going to be happy with socks)??? Don't think so! So next to the fabby socks is this, "state-of-heart"!! ha ha Frying Pan??? from the pound shop!! Yes just £1.00, I just had to have it, I thought a nice heart shaped egg for his breakfast Saturday morning would compensate for the socks?? So that still leaves me with £1.00 to spend.......well as you can see, these delightful little choccies are beautiful, how nice are the pictures? How much were they?? £1.99 Oh I just couldn't resist, (and he is worth the extra pound)! as I then had an idea of melting them down in my heart shaped frying pan, putting it in the fridge and making one big chocolate heart, to then decorate with a personalised message in icing?? So, just got to make him a card!! xx


carol said...

oh wow you sound like you had a fun time choosing your gifts...does he put in as much thought as you!!, its great to have a bit fun like this, hope you likes, hehe x carol

sassy said...

what a great shop you had...and loving the old!!! xx