Monday, 16 February 2009

"Mother's Love"

Please click on images for close-up!

I think most people who have had a great role model for a Mum
think their's is the Best!!! Well mine definately was!!
She was the person who inspired and encouraged me the most!! and
was also gracious enough to hand down her artistic talent!
I don't know if that's why I never seem to be stuck for
inspiration when it come to Mother's Day Cards.
Made this little one today with the beautiful Sarah Kay image...
which I hand painted using water colour pencils.

I hope you like it! TFL xx
P.S. Just made a little bit of a mess in the process!!!!!


kaz_za's crafty corner said...

i love this card...!!! great colour combo...!!! i love the image you have used.. and what a wonderful mess... i do believe your room is worse than and mine is closing in on

sassy said...

hehheh looks just like my desk...its great to get messy lol!! fabulous card too love the colour xx

kim-paperbabe said...

Lovely card, and my mum is the best too! Great to see the creative mess, thanks for your thoughtful comments, HuGS Kim :D

nnalorac said...

Oh!!!!! I love it, the mess I mean. It's amazing how much mess you can make making 1 card isn't it?I spend ages tidying my desk up and 1 card undos it all, never mind just shows how creative we are hee hee. Bye the way the card is gorgeous love everything about it. Carol