Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Entertaining Folks and the likes!!

That's what I have been up to this last week, hence not a lot of
blogging or card making going on! I've had the Coopers from
Cardiff!! minus one sixteen year old Niece who thinks it un-
cool to visit her Auntie!!! even with all my fabby crafting
stuff! tut tut.. So here is a little photo diary of our Easter
spent with family and friends......

A visit to the Prom in Maldon to see the two headed Swan!!

Not really, this little beauty is sitting on her nest (How big!)?
protecting her eggs and when she needs to go for a paddle Daddy
Swan takes over and sits on them ahhhhh ain't love grand!
I was hoping to get a nice heart shape from them both!!
Maybe next time.

Then we took the Sightseeing Boat out for a little bit of "Messing
about on the water"!! This is hubby and my Nephew, who seems
to have grown about a foot since Christmas!!!

Big Sis and Brother in Law... Say CHEESE!!!
The Milk Tray Man!! ha ha
Maldon, Hythe Quay click link for more information.
Saturday's Dinner Party Dessert.........
Spot the Difference.....Jamie Oliver v Susan Mason

Not bad for a first attempt!! TFL Sue xx

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Peggy said...

Nice that you had a great weekend !!! And your dessert ....mmmmm .... !!!!

Hugs, Peggy