Saturday, 29 May 2010

Grace Kelly....

Style Icon....hello crafty bloggers a happy rainy Bank
Holiday to you all, it goes without saying, when there
is a BH in England you can guarantee rain!! Well no card
today I have been out sightseeing, shopping and absorbing
lots of inspiration for my cards! well that's my excuse
anyway. On Wednesday I visited this fab exhibition at
my all time favourite museum the Victoria & Albert and
what a wonderful place to spend the day

how fabby do it this pile of bricks then!!!! the entrance
well....."entrances you"!
just look at this gorgeous creation, nice colour combo
for your cards ladies?

so this is just as you enter, you can imagine the amount
of inspiration in this place you must go if you haven't been!

I also did a bit of elephant spotting, they have some fabulous
designs, there are over 250 scattered around London this link
explains the reason behind it.
Now whilst shopping I saw this Ted Baker dress.............

and have been dreaming about it ever since..ahhh....happy sigh! but it's £199.00 and I am trying to justify buying it!!! also the fact that I am only 5'2" and it will make me look even shorter!!! mmmmm but it's gorgeous!!! so know I have a ring thing at the moment...I bought this.............

from Miss Selfridge, lots of peachy colours seem to be in at the moment! I also got this one.....

from Topshop...just to satisfy my butterfly thing. I did buy a beautiful dress as well but I don't want anyone
to see it yet!!! it's hubby's 40th in August might be for
his party, haven't decided yet!! Well I have my sister and family here for the weekend, so eating, shopping, drinking and being merry, is the order of the w/e, I hope you all have a fabby BH, TFL, Sue xx


coops said...

fantastic pics sue, wow the dress is gorgeous but i`m only little too and know what you your butterfly rings.have a fab weekend hun and thanks for sharing the fab piccys.luv coops.xx

Riet said...

Wowww Sue,what a beautiful photos.

hugs Riet.xx

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Sounds like you had a great time. Love the ring. I'd say buy the dress, you only live once, but I suppose it depends on how many times you'd wear it :)
Anne xx

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Hi Sue, the acrylic paint is fine so long as you wash it off as soon as you've finished stamping. I don't know what you clean your stamps with (I only use stamp cleaner occasionally) but I have a scrub mat for really mucky stamps - not the Stampin' Up one as I think they're expensive but it's a similar thing and cost about £5 however I often use an old toothbrush 'cos it can get in all the nooks and crannies ;)
Anne xx