Sunday, 22 February 2009

"A Walk in The Park"

As it was such a beautiful day yesterday we decided to have a walk
to the Promenade Park (which is probably just under a mile from
our house) with camera in hand this is our journey..........................

So, first stop for a photo shoot is for these beautiful Snowdrops,
I used the macro feature on my camera and am really pleased
with the result!!

This is the Town where I live!!

Next we have a picture of the Glorious Thames Sailing Barges!!
Some of the Barges that are moored here have been in use since
the 19th Century! Sailing barges became the most important cargo
vessels on the Blackwater and would generally ply their trade along
the East Coast to London. You can see more information on these
beautiful ships here , here and here!
When they are in full sail they are a sight for sore eyes!! just beautiful!!

The tide's out today but when it's in, there are numerous
sailing vessels to be seen!

This is the lake that is on the opposite side to the
river. This picture was taken with the sun directly facing
the camera (which I got told off for)!! but I like it and
the one below is even better which I cropped to just show
the grasses!!!
If you click on these piccies you get a much better shot!
Homeward Bound....

... ...we saw this little chappie as he came scooting across in
front of us, straight up the tree to have his dinner!!

The sun setting behind the trees!!
I hope you enjoyed these piccies hopefully if the sun is not
shining tomorrow I might even get some cards made!!!
TFL xx

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sassy said...

what stunning pics...thanks for sharing...xx