Thursday, 26 February 2009

"Hostess with the Mostess"!!!!

For one week only!!!!
We are a host family to this French Student

He is with us until Saturday, hence not a lot
of card making or blogging going on!!!!
He has travelled from Bordeaux with the organisation Pro Lingua
which is the established (Since 1974) linguistic company that
also arranges trips for school children for cultural
purposes. Click the link to find out all about them!!
He likes my cooking hooray!!!! He also likes Shopping
hooray!!!!! and he speaks good English hooray!!!!!
He likes Project Runway hooray!!! He makes his own
bed Hooray!!! did I mention he likes my cooking?? Hooray!!
So all in all a pleasure to accomodate!!
So.......I have been warned that there maybe a comment
appearing on my blog once Gregory gets back to Bordeaux???mm
mmm.....was he just being polite about my cooking???
"Just a little warning for you Gregory"! " Do you remember the
less flattering picture I have of you"!!!!

1 comment:

damonk said...

hi ! I see that you have really uncommon guests ! :)I came back yesterday, very tired.
thank you again for this week, you're both nice and funny people. you're cooking was really good (even the unique pancake I've eaten). If you have the project to come accross france, let me know if you come to bordeaux !