Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Oooo I'm Soooo Excited I Could Crush a Grape!!!!

Hello to all you Crafty Bloggers, well I finally organised the
pictures I have taken of..........The Journey to the Centre of My
Craft Room..........and Back!!
It all started when I decided to take some pictures off the wall
in my craft room 3 weeks ago!!! (BIG MISTAKE)!!!.... well so I
thought at the time! but now... Oooh I Love It!!!
After filling the holes and attempting to touch up the paint with
a similar one (which didn't match) I then carried on painting the
whole room!!
This is that journey....Not for the faint hearted I can tell you,
I still have no idea where all the stuff came from, how it all went
back and how I still filled 4 black bin liners that went to the
charity shop, 3 to the rubbish tip! and 4 in the loft!! 8 plastic
carrier bags and a cardboard box full of magazines!! and that
I live to tell this tale???
I purchased 4 new shelves, four cd towers and a new
corner desk, a new foot stall (Ikea) have done it again on the
storage front, you just can't beat them)!!!
I still feel that I need more room!!!!!!!!!!!!!Lol...
Can us crafters ever have enough room?
As there was so much stuff, I had to clear and paint one wall
at a time and then put that stuff back and continue onto the
next wall!
Ok are you ready... here is the photo storybook..............



Fabby Shelves and CD Storage Towers from Ikea....

Fabby stool from Ikea!! This is one sturdy beast!! and for £7.49!!!

Disruption in another bedroom and the bathroom!!!
Where did it all come from????????????

This is going from left to right as you enter!

New corner desk !

My Spring has Sprung card, Quite appropriate!!
Colour co-ordinated too!

Next Project...This chair will be transformed soon!!

Craft Magazines in Season order! Whooo
Oooh I just love these storage boxed..Lushy Loo!!
Hey there is actually room on my desk to work!!

Fabby CD storage towers now house all my rubber stamps!!
Hope you are inspired to clear out your craft room girlies!!!!
TFL Sue xx


Melly said...

Wow huni, this is just fab! So much room! Love the CD rack idea for your stamps!! Brill Mel xx

Marcea said...

what a great crafting space hun ... love it, especially your light - so cute

nnalorac said...

My god a craft room! some shops haven't this much, lucky you. It is great.I like someone who knows how too spend spend spend. nnalorac