Wednesday, 12 May 2010


Hello crafty blog land, well I can't believe it's that day of the week
again! where does the time go, I have so many things to make and
there are just not enough days in the week or hours in the day!!!
Quote from self! :- You have the same amount of time as Einstein!!!
ha ha ha, Well he was obviously more organised than me, disciplined,
bigger brain etc; I could go on!
Anyway getting back to my desks....note the plural, thought I'd show
you around my room this week, you can see just how messy I am and
why the cat can't come and play any more, there just isn't any
room for him!!ha ha.

Desk 1- Pretty tidy I'd say!

Desk 2- mmmm bit more mess
Desk 3 - mmmmm dumping ground - I can't find anything
Now getting back to desk 1, this has the Work In Action on it,
you can see I have my cup of VIP Tea to get me through the
morning; How big is that mug? well I bought it for hubby and
then figured it was easier to bring a big mug up than keep going
up and down the stairs for another cup!!! More time to craft!!

Zooming in on my bargains of the week. This gorgeous Life's
Journey Set from Inkadinkado, how much?........£3.99
WOW WEE - it retails at £15.99, blimey made up for my
expensive Copic!! Have you heard of Home Sense, it's an
outlet of TK MAXX only a bit more organised, they have lots
of Arty and Crafty Stuff as well as fabby doo things for the home,
shhh don't tell everyone or there'll be nothing left!!
Now I seem to have a ring thing going on at the moment
I spotted this gorgeous Enamel ring in Boots yesterday and
well, it just screamed "I'm Gorgeous" how can I resist, I
did think mmm could by me a rubber stamp for that?? does
anyone else do this?? I used to be such a fashion victim!
now it's mmm shall I get rubber or buy those new shoes?
then I think, No, who's going to see them in my craft room!!
ha ha ha!!
and last but not least, did you spot this crisp packet?
they are from yesterday, bit early for crisps, even for me!
I have a really bad addiction to them!! tut tut, well this
flavour is mmmmmmmmmm mouth watering.
So there you have it, I will be posting my little card
which I'm working on later today, can you see those fab
colours, blue, pink and green, with that crazy Kraftin
Kimmie Image, and also paying a visit to your creative
corners, TFL, Happy Crafting, Sue xx
P.S. If you want to play along, (I think you should let the
world see your creativity) visit our lovely leader here!


joey said...

Hiya Sue

I love your desks! so fullof stash and heaps of it lol, just told my hubby about those crisps! on your reccomendation lol, I am a crisp addict I am trying to break the habit but its HARD! arrrrrgh lol


Pascale said...

Love all the boxes and the creativity that is going on on the actual desk. MMmmm Crisps xxx Hugs Pascale

Sue said...

Hi Sue
oh lots to look at on your desk, lovely card there n fabby image, lovely ring you had to buy it, mmm never had them crisps, have good day, sue,x

Vicki said...

mmm those crisps look yummy!!! wow nice neat first desk - looks like creativity is happening there but OMG what happened to desk 3?? LOL xxx

Susie Sugar said...

Lol I thought I was looking at my own desk there for a min but yours its much more tidy than mine at the moment
Hugs Susie xx

Hazel (Didos) said...

WOW WOW and WOW, I wanna come play, and help you eat the crips! LOL
I love the ring and what a bargain you got with the stamps, Well done! Hazelxox

Julia Dunnit said...

How many desks? Well done you for showing them, I'd have been tempted to let everyone thnk I was a tidy desk gal!!

Lothian Crafts said...

Very busy desks and the ring is lovely no wander you couldn't resist it.

Crafty Chris said...

Fab desk loads going on, never seen those crisps before im a ready salted person boring I know, lovely ring.
Christine x

Becky Cornish said...

3 desks you are very lucky , i too love those crisps and love the huge mug of tea that is definately a must , love your stash, have a good week


Paula Gale said...

Busy desk Sue - I got a bit distracted by the buff body of Brad on the right - but the crisp packet bought me back to earth LOL...

What a bargain with the stamps - I haven't heard of that place - but we don't have a TKMAXX either as we only have a small town - but am impressed with your find.

Paula x x x

Wipso said...

Not tried those crisps yet but now I will have to go and buy some :-)
A x

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

No not heard of Homesense before, thanks for that - looks like I'll have to wait till I go to Manchester at the moment - none in Yorkshire yet. Lots of stash and storage you have.
Anne x

Hands to Work, Hearts to God said...

Your desk spells lots of playtime! I am loving it! I had to click on it to see the bigger picture.

The Crafty Goat Girl said...

Hi Sue, what super workdesks! Love all of your lovely stash, god I thought I had a lot, lol!!! Going to try those crips, they look yum!

Wow that ring is stunning, glad you got it.

hugs Heidi xx

Kathy said...

Your desks are FAB - thank you for letting me rummage about on them - I'm sure you won't notice the few bits and bobs I picked up while I was here...hehehe

Craft Addicts - Tracy Evans said...

Love your Life's Journey purchase and what a fantastic bargain. 3 desk, 3 what a luxury and lots of lovely new stash. I just buy the shoes, the plants, the rubber and everything else I can think of. Well a girl has to have some bad habits doesn't she, just that I have more than most LOL. Tracy Evans x

Pam said...

I know what you mean I sometime look at a top and think how much stash could I buy for the price of it!! Don't mention crisps I am addicted to Walkers Cheese and onion, I get most upset if the vending machine at work runs out, the other day I was like a stalker as the vending man had put the C&O at the back of a bag of Salt and vinegar french fries and everytime I heard the machine go I raced over to see if they were at the front yet!!!! Oh reading that back just made me realise I have a serious problem!!!!! Hugs Pam x

Jennifer said...

Wow! Can I come and play in this workspace? I love your stash and I'll bring my own crisps...please?
Have a great week.
Jen x

Nine said...

I love your desk ! Thanks for sharing

Helen said...

Love your desks - would love to come crafting! The crisps look good - must look out for them, although I usually only like plain!! Don't know Homesense, must google them!

Nicki (LittleTed) said...

Fabulously messy desks, some serious crafting going on there! Had to laugh at your comment about the price of the ring - I compare everything in terms of crafty £'s now!!

Nicki, xx

Ellephantastic Cards and Crafts said...

Can stay for ages at your desk you supply food & drink!!!
Great desk & loving all the stash
Helen x
PS I have blog candy if you would like to have a go!

Andrea - Wales, UK said...

Wow...some gorgeous stuff going on here!
Home sense - need to find one of these!!

Hels Sheridan said...

Fab storage you got there hun... I like to eat Walkers Cheese n Onion for breakfast...but don't tell anyone ROFL

Twiglet said...

Tried to concentrate on your excellent blog but was seriously distracted by Brad in a wet shirt - "Young Man!!"

Linby said...

we have a Home Sense but I have not seen any stamps reduced by that much - I did get the lovely wooden box to store my stamps that is on my desk from there though.
thanks for the snoop.

Stressed Stamper said...

Best desk of the day in my much stuff and oh how I got distracted by the half naked bod on your blog....nice....and hungry for some crisps - maybe too late now though

Glen said...

Oooo...lots of luvverly stash and you know where everything is- right? *Ü* I have seen a HomeSense truck travel in my direction but not seen the store here, so maybe it's going to our TKMaxx Yes, I often think, I could buy blah, blah with that money. Pretty ring though. TFS. ~Glen~
PS. Hope you don't mind, I made my own Dumpr pic on my blog. It's at the bottom but I can't get it to fit on my sidebar. Did you reduce the size? A tutorial would be appreciated. *Ü*

Jan said...

Love your desk...filled with all kinds of goodies I could play with!

Glen said...

Hi Sue. I tried the Dumpr pic on my sidebar but it's far too big! If you wouldn't mind taking a peek, I have left it on a while. I have used 'Minima' in my style of blog, so I don't really know what I can do - except keep it at the bottom. I usually alter the sizes for other widths and heights of blinkies etc...but Dumpr doesn't have the sizes! ~Glen~

Debra said...

3 desks! Oh my! Lots to play with there! I just want to come over and peek inside all those boxes!

Linda Elbourne said...

Blimey you are a hive of information Sue ... new flavoured Crisps ... craft TK maxx's ... what a fab desk as well ... or two ... or three :0)

Glen said...

Hi Sue. I did exactly what you suggested when I first uploaded the pic and that is the size that it turned out! Thanks so much for your help. Not sure if it's the size of my photos but then I did resize and re-upload - no change. ~Glen~