Wednesday, 30 November 2011

I Love WOYWW ......

so will you, hop on over to Julia's blog if you want to play along,
you get to see what all those other crafters have been making,
stamping, inking, baking, sewing etc etc, you need to go take
a is my desk today, I also love fabric, what do you think
of these remnants I bought, aren't they just crazy cool ,the frog
one is for my frog loving friend Sharon, :0) hee hee, not really,
she despises them, I was going to make some place mats and
thought she may just get this froggy one when she misbehaves!
now also on my desk, top the right you can see my lovely up-cycled
Nutella jar, mmm I also love Nutella..... :0) it a great supplement
when there is no choccie in the house ......

spread a little (lot) on a digestive biscuit and, well,
mmmmmmmm, try it and see :0)))))))))))))

I also love letters, they make wonderful quotes,sentences
romantic poems wonderful words and books, they come in all
shapes and sizes. I also love painting......

so painted this for one of my German student who kindly
introduced us to this wonderful stuff :0)))) thank you Larissa!
Now you can also see my glue pot that I keep forgetting to put
the top back on, so it's rather gunged up and sorry for itself as
is the brush! last but by no means least you can see a rather cute
little baby card perched against the wall, well this is by a British
illustrator from Mile End named Mabel Lucy Attwell, you can
find out more about her here, the good news is that she is coming
back to the craft world via Katy Sue Designs, see details here
although the items are not available to the public until 6th
December, I have been having a little play with the new CD and
designing some cards and I must say they are the cutest! it is
also being showcased on the Create and Craft channel (671 sky)
on the 6th December 10.00 am.
Phew! think that's everything, now hubby gets fed :0)))
TFL , Happy Crafting, Sue xx


Julia Dunnit said...

Mmmm Nutella. Now I have to go and find some chocolate. Argh! Love the fabrics...the frog thing made me smile, my sister's the same, seriously hates 'em!

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Fantastic fabrics there, am really jealous! Where did you get them from? And, more importantly, what are you going to use them for??! This fabric nut needs to know.
And I need chocolate now....and it's 10pm...and I live in the sticks so all the shops are shut.... :(
Ah well, my waistline will thank me!
Hugs, LLJ #39 xx

Spyder said...

ohoooo Nutella!!! my fav!!! I love putting a spoonful into frothy coffee!! ohooooyum...must have some now! Fab Fab, but the Nutella was a real treat!! (I'm now sitting here with a spoon and the said jar...
well, it's midnight again, and I have a cat pushing me out of my chair!! He quite often wakes me up round about 4 in the morning, I wonder if his owners put him out at night? or maybe he quite likes coming here so he can get on the internet! Happy WOYWW!!

Tertia said...

I like Nutella, just not when I think it is Marmite spread and then bite into it. LOL Love those fabrics.

Shoshi said...

Love the nutella painting!! and the lovely remnants too. I grew up with Mabel Lucy Attwell. Nice that she's getting a revival in the crafting world. Happy belated WOYWW, Shoshi #61