Wednesday, 18 May 2016

My Little Mermaid

Hello lovely bloggers, a very happy Wednesday to you all, well here she is
the finished Mermaid that I made.  I'm so pleased too with the way she has
turned out!
Here are some pics and a short description of how she evolved......
So you can see this in my previous post, the head and the arms are from those brilliant
creative people over a Katy Sue Designs, they have some amazing moulds over there 
right now, both for using with cakes and clay.  They are so easy to use, if you are in 
doubt there are some great  You Tube videos which the talented Noreen has made
and you can also visit their Facebook page here
I was thinking what can I put her on????? Blue card for the sea? make a Rock from
the clay, but as I had this MDF Star shape immediately thought a star fish would be a nice
thing to make!  So by adding some red clay to the white I created this pink colour
I then moulded it over the star for the base shape and then made the ends
curled slightly and poked the holes with a Bar B Q skewer! tools of the trade! ha ha
Once I was happy with the shape I then laid my mermaid onto it and moulded her
in the sleeping position.
You can see I used a frayed ribbons for the base of her hair for the rest I used Satin Embroidery Threads.
I added glitter to a few of the strands and also added some whites and purple strands too just to add shade and texture.  For her tail I used glue and different shades of glitter and I also had a green nail varnish that I thought would add interest.and colour.  

I forgot to mention that whilst the clay is soft it can be manipulated to any shape, even the moulded
arms and hands I pulled and twisted to arrange them in the positon I wanted, the fish tail was just
sqeezed between my thumb and finger to get the flat finn effect!  You can also see her ear which
I created with a small roll of clay bent it and flattened it then used my skewer to shape.
I added a yellow and orange tinge of watercolour paint to the starfish too as I wanted to tone
down the pink.
I hand painted her Finn with blues and greens in watercolour paint and drew some veins with
a fine point marker pen.  For her eyes I used blue watercolour paint with a fine black line
along the bottom of the eye.  A light brown watercolour for the eyebrows and a lovely red
for her lips and a lighter shade for her cheeks.

I used some very fine beads of matching colours and glued these to her waist and 
as an arm band.
Here's a little back view

The finished Mermaid, I did add some irredescent glitter to the star fish to
to give the effect of the sand from the sea.
Phew, think that's everything, if you want to know anything that I have forgot
to mention, please just message me.  I hope you are inspired, Happy Crafting, Sue xx

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