Thursday, 26 February 2009

"Hostess with the Mostess"!!!!

For one week only!!!!
We are a host family to this French Student

He is with us until Saturday, hence not a lot
of card making or blogging going on!!!!
He has travelled from Bordeaux with the organisation Pro Lingua
which is the established (Since 1974) linguistic company that
also arranges trips for school children for cultural
purposes. Click the link to find out all about them!!
He likes my cooking hooray!!!! He also likes Shopping
hooray!!!!! and he speaks good English hooray!!!!!
He likes Project Runway hooray!!! He makes his own
bed Hooray!!! did I mention he likes my cooking?? Hooray!!
So all in all a pleasure to accomodate!!
So.......I have been warned that there maybe a comment
appearing on my blog once Gregory gets back to Bordeaux???mm
mmm.....was he just being polite about my cooking???
"Just a little warning for you Gregory"! " Do you remember the
less flattering picture I have of you"!!!!

Sunday, 22 February 2009

"A Walk in The Park"

As it was such a beautiful day yesterday we decided to have a walk
to the Promenade Park (which is probably just under a mile from
our house) with camera in hand this is our journey..........................

So, first stop for a photo shoot is for these beautiful Snowdrops,
I used the macro feature on my camera and am really pleased
with the result!!

This is the Town where I live!!

Next we have a picture of the Glorious Thames Sailing Barges!!
Some of the Barges that are moored here have been in use since
the 19th Century! Sailing barges became the most important cargo
vessels on the Blackwater and would generally ply their trade along
the East Coast to London. You can see more information on these
beautiful ships here , here and here!
When they are in full sail they are a sight for sore eyes!! just beautiful!!

The tide's out today but when it's in, there are numerous
sailing vessels to be seen!

This is the lake that is on the opposite side to the
river. This picture was taken with the sun directly facing
the camera (which I got told off for)!! but I like it and
the one below is even better which I cropped to just show
the grasses!!!
If you click on these piccies you get a much better shot!
Homeward Bound....

... ...we saw this little chappie as he came scooting across in
front of us, straight up the tree to have his dinner!!

The sun setting behind the trees!!
I hope you enjoyed these piccies hopefully if the sun is not
shining tomorrow I might even get some cards made!!!
TFL xx

Saturday, 21 February 2009

"Mischievous Milton"

Just changing the bedding this morning and when I came back
with the clean linen look who was peeking out of the quilt!!!!
So to counteract the last piccie little cutie pie
whose eyes I don't mind looking into!...did you notice the state
of his paws!!!!!! xx


All my troubles seemed so far away.....!!! that was until I went to
Gunther von Hagens' Body Worlds Exhibition at the O2,
which literally shows you the ins and outs of yourself!!!! and what
happens to your organs if you eat too many Cream Cakes!! Drink
too much Alcohol and sit about on your Computer all day blog
hopping!!!..Crikey! Stuff we know but well, most of us that enjoy
life long as it's in moderation!
What a fab exhibition, very informative, all the human bodies
on display are real and have been Plastacised (which is a method
of preserving the body by replacing the water and fat with
certain plastics, yielding specimens that can be touched, do not
smell or decay, and even retain most microscopic properties of
the original sample) so its very graphic!!! So don't look if you
are about to eat your cream cakes ok!!!....

Or if you like all this stuff click on piccie for a close up!!!!
I found it was ok just as long as you didn't look at their eyes!!

In the words of Abraham Lincoln......And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years!!!

So after leaving the exhibition it was off to Starbucks, for latte and cakes!!!

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Simple "Male" Cards !!!

Simple looking and how easy is this to make?? couple of folds
here and there Origami style and what with these lush papers
from K & Co, we have one pretty trendy tie!!!

Personalised version, papers used on this are
from Pm with doodlebug rub ons! TFL xx

Monday, 16 February 2009

"Mother's Love"

Please click on images for close-up!

I think most people who have had a great role model for a Mum
think their's is the Best!!! Well mine definately was!!
She was the person who inspired and encouraged me the most!! and
was also gracious enough to hand down her artistic talent!
I don't know if that's why I never seem to be stuck for
inspiration when it come to Mother's Day Cards.
Made this little one today with the beautiful Sarah Kay image...
which I hand painted using water colour pencils.

I hope you like it! TFL xx
P.S. Just made a little bit of a mess in the process!!!!!

"Hammers Fan"

Made this little Thank you card for my Cousin who is an avid
West Ham United fan, he was the one who kindly gave us the
Russell Brand tickets!! TFL xx

"Written in Stone"

Ok, so this is what happen's when I'm left to my own device's!!!
Just thought I'd post these variant's! so next time you need
a picture and words for your scrap page!!! as they say...the
possibilities are endless!! TFL xx

Sunday, 15 February 2009

"Love on the Beach"

Made this up on Brighton Beach, took a piccie and framed it!!
One homemade eye test!!! TFL xx

"Eggtra Special Valentine Breakfast"

Well here is my £1.00 state-of-the-heart frying pan in action!!!!
How cool is this???

Voila!! Heart shaped egg on toast with a little message in
ketchup! Who say's romance is dead!! TFL xx

Friday, 13 February 2009

"For the Man in my Life"

Just finished Hubby's card, hope he likes it!! Thought
I'd keep away from traditional colours and go all out
for these warm Autumnal Orange and Green colours!

Message is computer generated then printed onto
vellum! Lace has been inked with Versa Colour Copper,
Also added copper extra fine glitter glue on paper.
Papers are K & Co Ancestry. Ribbon Rhuban, flowers,
leaves, rose ribbon from stash!

Firstly I cut around flower and leaves with a craft knife,
just enough to make an opening for my card with the
message! Also sliced swirl line at top to hold the corner in

This picture shows the back of paper with message card
in place, once happy secure with double sided tape.
Please ignore the mess!!!!!!!!
TFL xx

"Love Love Love"

This lovely stamp is the one and only piece of crafting stash that I
bought whilst in New York! we only found one shop (which was
a normal card shop) that had any craft supplies, so this is it! $15
as the exchange rate was pretty poor I think it worked out at about
£10.70!! so maybe it was a good idea I didn't find any more!!

So, made this card stamping with Black Staz-on
over this gorgeous paper from K & Co Ancestry.
The lush velvet ribbon is from Ruban Craft Ribbons
heart is punched from K & Co recycled.

Love 'O' is filled with swarowski crystals!
TFL xx

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Lovers Thrift!!!

Well Valentine's Day is just around the corner and not only due to
the current economic climate but because it's a money making
rip off day!!! me and hubby agreed a few years back that we would
only spend £5.00 on each other!!! Whoo have we had some fun tacky
gifts!!!... so did I have fun yesterday?? Yes I did! just look at my goodies......

My first port of call was Debenhams (not for a valentines gift) but for my wellbeing!...I knew I wouldn't get anything for a fiver in there!!!How wrong was I?? just take a look at these fab!.... Organic!.. 100% Cotton Socks!.. Wahooo, Come on Down!!

I know the ticket says £10.00 but wait for it....I thought right, he needs socks, so if I get these I can say "You owe me a fiver" ha ha, but when I got to the check out the lady said, "Oh these have gone down to £3.00"..... £3.00!!!, Well you could have knocked me down with a feather!!Then she said, would I like to get another pair?? So I'm thinking, mmm two lots? £6.00? that takes me £1.00 over budget, as it's not the most romantic gift? No, I'll get him a few Cadbury's Cream Eggs with the change (his favourite)!! By the way, last year, good old Woolies were doing 3 for £1.00, so he got 15 of them! "best gift ever" he said!! (Is he going to be happy with socks)??? Don't think so! So next to the fabby socks is this, "state-of-heart"!! ha ha Frying Pan??? from the pound shop!! Yes just £1.00, I just had to have it, I thought a nice heart shaped egg for his breakfast Saturday morning would compensate for the socks?? So that still leaves me with £1.00 to spend.......well as you can see, these delightful little choccies are beautiful, how nice are the pictures? How much were they?? £1.99 Oh I just couldn't resist, (and he is worth the extra pound)! as I then had an idea of melting them down in my heart shaped frying pan, putting it in the fridge and making one big chocolate heart, to then decorate with a personalised message in icing?? So, just got to make him a card!! xx

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

"Calm Palm"

Hello to all you gorgeous crafters, as you can see I have
changed my background yet again! I think I will stick with this one
for a little while (well maybe for the cold period)! the gorgeous birds
and hearts was a bit too busy for my liking and made quite
a few items difficult to read! I think blogs get quite busy anyway,
this is definately a more relaxing read, I hope you approve!!
So, no work for me today! off to Chelmsford for a bit of
retail therapy, then meeting up with hubby tonight to see
Slumdog Millionaire!! Happy crafting! and No day dreaming or
swimming on this beach ok!!zzzzzzzz

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

"Love is Like a Butterfly"

Well after humming that song today.... this happened!!!!

No Pink all!!!

Thought I'd take you through the motions......

Once happy with printed verse I cut around a doily for shape!
I placed under the circle type shape I have torn back and
distressed, which was done with Versa Color Lagoon Blue and
lapis lazuli???(what)?? you are asking, well its a beautiful blue
stone that is mined in Afghanistan!! (Thanks Google)! thats
where they got their posh name for blue from!! I then added
a tiny gold ribbon rose bud and three gold gemstones and a
little lace paper.

Got the swirl image from a free download from clipart!
It's definately not what it used to be, check it out, they

have some fabby images now, not a lego man in sight!!
Insert text box with verse...Utter gorgeoussness!!!!!

Stamped my two sized butterfly stamps (Large Inkadinkado,
small Inca) with black staz-on onto coloured paper which is
from K & Co classic range and cut out!....Utter flutter gorgeoussness!!

I hope you are inspired!!! TFL xx


Thought I'd share my programme picture of the gorgeous lothario
that is Russell Brand!

Monday, 9 February 2009


I have just received these two awards from a lovely lady over
at please go and visit
her blog as she has some really beautiful cards to inspire you all!
Thank you so much Irene, I am truely grateful and humbled,
there is so much wonderful talent out there!

The 'Measure Up' award decrees:-
Say one nice thing to the man in your life
List at least 6 ways you measure your success in your life.

Ok, so...
"Thank you Paul for being You" xx

I'm successful if...
My Spirit is allowed to be free
I'm healthy
My friends and family like me for who I am (I can be a forthright,
opinionated moody cow)!! I do have lots of good points!!!!
My Rhubarb and Tomatoes grow!
My cats purrrr
I have to give the taxman money!

Right, so now it's my turn to pass these to five worthy winners, so
here they are:- For their inspiration (obviously)!! For being an "Up to date Kate" Gorgeous Cards For her stamina (and of course her lovely cards)! For making me laugh!

"Pink Again"

Made this little card today! "Pink Again"? I know! but......
it's for a cutesy little girl, "so there"!!! the inside reads

Papers are from Pm and k & Co. I cut around flowers and swirls
and added gems, buttons and fabric daisy to flower centres.
Image is the lovely (Lily & Milo) -"From the heart" stamp.
Stamped with black staz on then painted with Windsor & Newton
Watercolours. This was then slipped into the opening!

The "LOVE" letters are a download from "Fonts R Us" or
something like that!!!lol which I printed off and then cut out!

Thought I'd change my header picture too as I am having a bit
of a "Pink Overload" at the moment! and I can't find my sunglasses
anywhere!! I hope you like it! TFL xx